About Us

About Enviro Glass Straw

Enviro Glass Straw emerged from our concern for the environment and our desire to teach our children to tread gently on the Earth. To learn more about our straws please check out the "How to Select a Straw" page.

Enviro Glass Straw is a family run business on Vancouver Island, B.C. Our concern for the future of our planet and the overuse of one time plastic straw led glass blower, Tyler Hayes to making glass straws for his children, Autumn and Morgan.  Friends and family loved the plastic free glass straws that Tyler was manufacturing in his home studio and Enviro Glass Straw was born.  Together, Tyler, Leah have created a small team that's passionate about what we do.

We are proud that all of our straws are handmade on Vancouver Island, B.C. Our mission is to help reduce waste by providing a beautiful, toxic free and reusable product.  We hope that our children will learn by example and love our Earth just as much as we do!

About Tyler 

Tyler enjoys the environmental contribution he is able to make and believes we can each make a difference through small changes to our everyday lives. Tyler Hayes was a founder of Mystic Glass Creations in 2003. Tyler also founded Hayes Glass Designs, which specializes in jewelry, sculptures and custom memorial ash keepsakes. In 2012, his wife, Leah, asked him to make some glass straws for a friend.  With numerous requests from friends and family, Tyler began making more glass straws and Enviro Glass Straw Ltd. became a reality!

Tyler enjoys creating glass sculptural pieces and in his spare time can be found biking down his local mountain biking trails or hiking with his family.