Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of glass are the straws made from?

Each straw is handmade in our home studio from borosilicate glass. Borosilicate glass is often used for high-quality beverage glassware and kitchenware. Borosilicate glassware has increased durability and safety compared to soda lime glass.  Our glass is microwavable and dishwasher safe. It contains no lead or other toxins. The durability of borosilicate glass makes it the perfect choice for straws as not all glass is created equal. 

The raw glass we use is from Simax.  Simax is a family owned business in the Czech Republic in it's 175th year of operation, that is renown for having the highest quality of glass worldwide. Borosilicate glass can be used with either hot or cold beverages. We choose borosilicate glass because it is the safest and most durable glass on the market.  Our straws are designed to last you a lifetime of use.

Although our straws are durable and strong, they are still made from glass.  Treat them as you would your glass drink ware and they will last you for life.  Adult supervision is required when allowing children to use glass straws.  Pairing your straws with our Enviro Lid greatly reduces the chances of children using their straws as play things.

How do I clean my Enviro Straws?

Ways to clean your straw:

  • Use our Enviro Straw Brush and lots of hot soapy water immediately after use. Rinse.
  • Using the dishwasher will sanitize your straw. We suggest you place it in the silverware compartment.
  • If your glass straw gets cloudy from mineral buildup from hard water conditions soak it in distilled white vinegar to return the glass to sparkling cleanliness.

What are the benefits of purchasing a glass straw as opposed to a stainless steel straw?

The benefits of a glass straw is that there is no metal tastes when you drink from glass. It also feels nice on your mouth and lips. Glass is also easy to clean and easy to know when they are dirty.

Why do you only offer straight stainless steel straws?

Unlike glass, stainless steel is hard to know that it is clean at first glance.  We choose to only offer our Enviro Steel Straw line in the straight version because it provides the safest design for cleanliness.  Easier for throwing in the dishwasher or when using a cleaning brush.  Clean straws for healthy bodies!

Do you make coloured glass straws?

We will never make coloured glass straws. This is because we use only the highest quality of borosilicate glass on the market, Simax glass. When coloured glass is manufactured, it creates a chemical reaction with the heavy metals that gives it colour. This process causes a lot of air pollution and also toxins in the glass.The coloured glass straws available are also made from glass that is of an inferior quality . We care about our customers and the environment, so we choose only clear glass.

Can I bite through a glass straw?

No. Our straws are so durable that your teeth would not be able to break them. 

Are your prices in Canadian funds?

All the pricing on our site is in Canadian funds.

What do I do if I have a warranty claim?

Please email us the details and we will be in contact with you shortly.

Are the straws safe for kids?

Yes. As a family run business, we have spent years testing everything on our own family! Our two children love their glass straws! As well as all our small nieces and nephews. For small children (under 5), we recommend pairing it with a mason jar and our Enviro Lid as it changes the straw into a sippy cup as opposed to a play thing.