How to Select a Glass Straw

There are three things to consider when choosing the right glass straw for you:



Style (straight or bent)                                          

Length:  Our straws come  in three different lengths, 6", 8" and 10".

6" - are for coffee and tea cups, wineglasses, kids cups, small 250 ml jam jars  and of course, cocktails.

8” - for pop cans, most standard bottles, 500 ml or standard mason jar mugs, 16 oz 'to-go' cups, 16 oz bottles. Conventional plastic straws are typically this length and this is our most popular and most versatile length.  Appropriate for most adult and big kid needs.

10” - for standard pop and beer bottles, Starbucks 'vente' 24 oz reusable or 'to-go' cups, large mason jars, 24 oz bottles.


9.5 mm diameter is great for ice tea, juice, coffee, water, hot tea, martinis, and well blended smoothies. Any regular consistency liquid works great with this diameter.

12 mm diameter is great for smoothies or thicker liquids , such as milkshakes.  They work for any thin liquid as well.

15 mm diameter is our bubble tea straw.  Wide enough to suck up large tapioca pearls, this straw is very large, so mostly just for bubble tea use.


We offer our straws in both straight and bent styles. The style you sip from is usually personal preference. We are always happy to take custom orders for customers in wheelchairs or with adaptive needs.  Children usually prefer the bent style, but it is up to you!